Saturday, February 1, 2014

Navers = Norwegian version of #Obamavoter

From New York Times Friday January 24, 2014 article "Amid Debate on Migrants, Norway Party comes to Fore" sounds like "navers" is the Norwegian equivalent of Obamavoter pot smoking slackers:


According to the Norwegian Language Council, the most popular new word of 2012 was “naving” — to live off welfare rather than to work. Used by young people, it stems from NAV, the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration, which administers about one-third of the national budget.
The backlash to naving, the sense that the country is getting soft and giving too much money to the unemployed and foreigners, was an important part of the Conservative Party-Progress Party victory. Those who get benefits should be in training or some other useful activity, “so you can’t stay at home and play video games and get benefits — to be passive increases problems,” Ms. Solberg said.

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