Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama NSA Donilon thinks US foreign policy = #DoublePlusGood

Tom Donilon told Charlie Rose that he guesses Iran won't get nukes and if they do, they probably won't act like North Korea and extort money by threatening to kill everybody with said nukes. He also says that Saudi Arabia probably won't try to get nukes from Pakistan in response.

Hence, judging by the Obama admin foreign policy track record, the exact opposite of everything Donilon predicted is probably true.

ICYMI Tom Donilon is the guy that Pat Caddell fingered as the leaker from the White House who got Seal Team 6 killed

President Obama’s team “put a target” on the backs of the Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden, says Karen Vaughn in a video that suggests her son died three months later as a result of White House national security leaks.

  and compromised US intelligence efforts to counter Iranian bomb program by leaking info about  stuxnet:

The information in the 2012 book by chief Washington correspondent David E. Sanger has been the subject of a yearlong Justice Department criminal investigation: The FBI is hunting for those who leaked details to Mr. Sanger about a U.S.-Israeli covert cyberoperation to infect Iran’s nuclear facilities with a debilitating computer worm known as Stuxnet.

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