Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life Imitates an SNL skit: NPR Bourbon Balls

Life imitates art. NPR discusses problems with Bourbon Ball recipe:

either as a conscious or unconscious homage to Alec Bladwin SNL skit like Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor:

The original SNL skit:

If above link breaks, some kludgy recordings:

Guest Robin Davis of Food Cook Eat suggests that people write down their recipes so their descendants don't make same mistake as hapless Bourbon Ball guy:

A somewhat snarky (can you imagine such a thing?) caller suggests that Bourbon Ball guy's mother probably assumed her children would have enough common sense to infer use of flour in recipes:

Both host Ann Fisher and guest Robin Davis agree the greatest thing about Bourbon Balls is, of course, the booze:

And, finally, Ann Fisher has a sense of humor about all the hate mail she allegedly gets, which makes it impossible to hate her:

FYI a link to 's Bourbon Ball recipe , like caller's mom, also does not include flour in its ingredient list.

Conversely, the Foodnetwork's Bourbon Ball recipe, while not calling for flour, per se, calls for a flour substitute in the form of crushed Nilla Wafers, with the end result looking more like cake versus candy:

Follow recipe ingredients and directions to the letter to avoid making unmitigated mess as poor NPR caller found out!

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