Saturday, September 29, 2012

#UnansweredCartoonQuestions #ObamaPhoneLady = Dumb Donald's daughter from @BillCosby 's #FatAlbert

I was  losing sleep trying to remember of whom the Obamaphone lady reminded me. I mentally cycled  through a flow chart of various cartoon characters until I remembered Dumb Donald from "Fat Albert".

Here's the original Obamaphone lady:

Here's the original unadulterated Dumb Donald (dude in pink ski mask):

Some enterprising fellow beat me to the punch and went through the trouble of dubbing Obamaphone lady's audio over Dumb Donald:

To be absolutely thorough, Obamaphone lady makes a cameo appearance in Rush Limbaugh's spoof of Pink Floyd's "Brick in the Wall":

And, a pros pos of nothing, Jay Leno's goof on Mitt Romney, gangnam style:

I could finally rest easily until I remembered that Obamaphone lady's vote will cancel out mine in November. :-(

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