Saturday, September 29, 2012

@HughHewitt 's "The Brief Against [ @BarackObama ] "

@BookTV aired Hewitt's talk on his book, The Brief Against Obama


Hewitt's talk took place back on July 30, 2012. He speculated that Romney was holding his fire and would pull out all the stops after the RNC convention. I just hope Mitt doesn't wait to get aggressive until after the November election.

My conspiratorial inner id noticed that Hewitt speculated that Obama might be able to increase his poll numbers if the US was hit with another terrorist attack resulting in a "rally round the flag" effect. This made me wonder at possible sinister motivations behind Jan Crawford conspiring with her NPR minion to attack Romney. The DNC media were colluding to ambush Romney after he defended America's Bill of Rights in contrast to Obama throwing said rights under the bus to appease the Islamic supremacists who raped and murdered our ambassador in Libya.

Back to Hewitt critiquing Obama...The top level summary is that Obama over promised and under delivered and that Obama's administration has been one colossal serial failure both at home and abroad. Each chapter in Hewitt's book lists one of twenty-four failures, such as:

  • Stimulus, that wasted tax payer money without producing any shovel ready jobs, as Obama joked about on the rare occasion he actually met with his jobs counsel:

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