Saturday, August 25, 2012

@NancyPelosi vs @heinzawards

Nancy Pelosi smeared Republicans by blathering to the effect that we wish to infect everyone with E.Coli bacteria.

Republicans have been on the forefront of both cleanliness and godliness ever since our party's founding. George Templeton Strong helped to establish the US Sanitary Commission, to counter the filthy Democrats during the Civil War:

George Strong served for many years as a vestryman at Trinity Church in New York. He helped found the United States Sanitary Commission, which helped ameliorate the horrible sufferings of wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. He was also treasurer and member of its executive committee throughout the war. He also helped to start the Union League Club of New York, an organization which pledged to "cultivate a profound national devotion." The organization provided a means to reconciling the whites and blacks of the South into the Republican Party. Strong funded a Union regiment during the war, and his wife served on a hospital ship.

In the 20th Century, Sen John Heinz (R-PA) was a wonderful statesman and honorable man:

Art lover, champion of the elderly and protector of the environment, Senator Heinz was the first heir of the vast H.J. Heinz Company to break from family tradition and enter politics. He wanted to help people. As his wife Teresa has said: "He had a rare gift for seeing the world in bright shades, and an even more uncommon gift for finding ways to share that vision with those for whom life had become cast in shades of hopeless grey. Through the prism of our nation, he saw a rainbow of hope and opportunity."

John Heinz brought that hope with him wherever he went. Blessed with an appeal and charisma that crossed party lines, Senator Heinz, a Republican, was extremely popular with Democrats. He was the first Republican to carry every ward of the city of Pittsburgh during his 1976 Senatorial campaign. People valued his desire for change and his respect for human dignity and believed his guiding principle which was "the status quo is unacceptable."

Sen Heinz was heir to the eponymous ketchup company and, as CNBC points out in their biography, his ancestors were vanguards for producing pure food, which is why they insisted on using clear glass bottles, and promoting pure food legislation:

I suppose partisan Pelosi would further be upset about the Horatio Alger story of Heinz's founding.  The only person who seems to enjoy spreading "malarkey" around is Pelosi, herself, in typical psychological projection mode.

"I do not hate you. You're projecting"

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