Wednesday, August 8, 2012

@CBSNews Lesley Stahl & @Disney CEO = Closet Tea Partiers

Lesley Stahl, as Rush Limbaugh would describe, engaged in a random act of journalism a while back. First, she correctly reported that the US has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world at 35%. Secondly, she figured out the correlation between increased tax rates and increased corporate HQ relocation. You can see the light bulb go on in her head:

Obviously, my reading of Stahl's reaction is 180 degrees opposite of Ira Stoll's:

Cisco's CEO, John Chambers, did a valiant job of trying to make the case for lower corporate tax rates in America, but in classic "60 Minutes" fashion Ms. Stahl made him look like the bad guy, mixing his words in with clips of Mr. Sullivan talking about "accounting tricks" and with her own claim that it "sounds" like Mr. Chambers is asking for some kind of favor.
Perhaps I differ from Ira because I have  such low expectations of US media's fairness.  If a journalist simply allows a capitalist to even speak his mind and doesn't immediately throw him on a guillotine, I find the interview to be halfway reasonable by their leftwing standards.

The other surprise is lifetime Democrat, Disney CEO Robert Iger, basically coming to the same conclusion of the standard T.E.A. partier:

 “This country is charging among the highest rates in the world in terms of corporate taxes. In order for us to be competitive with the world, we’ve got to take a very, very serious look at our corporate tax structure.”

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