Wednesday, August 1, 2012

@ABC News Helped Kill 1972 Munich Olympic Hostages

I watched a documentary about the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre that made my blood boil, One Day in September:

The German government was completely unprepared for a terrorist attack, yet managed to kludge together a rather un-rapid response team to attempt to rescue the hostages. Whilst sports anchor, Jim McKay, et al had their their posh posteriors safely ensconced in comfy chairs in an even comfier studio, the always supercilious Canadian, Peter Jennings, completely compromised the rescue attempt by broadcasting live, filming every movement of the police, and describing every operational detail on which he was briefed.  Hence, the terrorists, who were holed up in the dorms in the athletes' village, could watch the TV sets  in their rooms and gleam the police's play book beforehand, could see the police in fake track suits inching towards their window, and could organize a counter attack of their own.  Because their cover was blown, thanks in large part to the perfidy of ABC News, the Germans called off the rescue operation. 

 Previously, the only thing I've seen on this event are some breaking-their-arms-patting-themselves-on-the-back self-congratulatory summaries thrown together by American media outlets, concluding with doleful doe-eyed Jim McKay looking into the camera, somberly reading lines from his teleprompter:"They're all gone," meaning, all the hostages were murdered, blown up by hand grenades and then shot by scumbag terrorists.  After watching this documentary, I wanted to shout at my screen, "Yes, they're all gone, largely because of YOU AND YOUR STUPID INCOMPETENT GIT OF CREW!! IDIOTS!!!! YOU SMUG , SNOTTY BUNCH OF NINCOMPOOPS!!!!"

I got the distinct impression the only reason McKay and his cronies were crying crocodile tears had nothing to do with the death of the Israeli athletes, but, with the whole vile fiasco over, they anticipated ABC ratings would slip and they'd lose market share to Sanford and Son.

Admittedly, there were other characters just as, if not more, loathsome than the ABC News crew.The documentary producers interviewed an awful excuse for a human being who, either coincidental or not, happened to be German. This doofus was smiling and laughing throughout his interview, either because he's an evil Lebensborn Nazi spawn, or he was just self consciously  nervous. I suspect the former.

This German jerk just dismissed out of hand the idea of cooperating with the Israeli government offer of help with the rescue effort.  He jokingly stated that he suspected such cooperation would have resulted in dead terrorists. I was thinking: "What on earth's wrong with that?" I inferred from his further comments that the German government didn't wish to entertain the notion of accepting any more Jews into their country than they were contractually obligated to.

This documentary concluded with the allegation that the German government staged a fake Lufthansa hijacking to give themselves a cover story for releasing the Arab terrorists purportedly in a quid pro quo protection racket where Arab terrorists promised never to compromise German security again and only work with simpatico German anti-Semites in the future, as in the 1976 Entebbe Air France hijacking (which was pulled off by Germans and Arabs, despite the BS the BBC writes). Augh! I wanted to pull an Elvis and shoot my television after watching this film and, judging by similar sentiments expressed on the imdb talkboard, I'm certainly not alone.

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