Sunday, July 1, 2012

#OWS & @VanJones68 & John Dewey

Rand dislikes not only Kant, but dweeby John Dewey, as well. In Philosophy: Who Needs It, Rand cryptically dismisses Dewey by linking him with dope-smoking hippies:

Have you heard the modern activists say: "Act first, think afterwards"? They got
it from John Dewey.

Back in elementary school, I used to be a library aide, which meant that I could skip recess & reshelve books. This seemed like a Harriet the Spy high honor at the time, but, with 20/20 hindsight, I can't fathom why. Any way, the only thing I knew about John Dewey was that he purportedly invented the Dewey decimal system employed by libraries near & far. Lo & behold, it turns out that Mr. Milquetoast Dewey sat on a commie kangaroo court against poor Mr. Trotsky (or evil Mr. Trotsky, if you feel that people who are disrespectful to Soviet commies deserve to be killed with ice picks in Mexico).

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