Sunday, July 1, 2012

@glennbeck vs. Ayn Rand

Does Glenn Beck loathe Woodrow Wilson & progressives as much as Ayn Rand hated Kant ? From her Philosophy: Who Needs It:

For some two hundred years, under the influence of Immanuel Kant, the dominant trend of philosophy has been directed to a single goal: the destruction of man's mind, of his confidence in the power of reason. Today, we are seeing the climax of that trend [...]

You are the target of a special attack by the Kantian-Hegelian-collectivist establishment that dominates our cultural institutions at present. You are the army of the last semi-free country left [USA] on earth [...] The motive of the destroyers is not love for communism, but hatred for America. Why hatred? Because America is the living refutation of the Kantian universe. Today's mawkish concern with and compassion for the feeble, the flawed, the suffering, the guilty, is a cover for the profoundly Kantian hatred of the innocent, the strong, the able, the successful, the virtuous, the confident, the happy. A philosophy out to destroy man's mind is necessarily a philosophy of hatred for man, for man's life, and for every human value. Hatred of the good for being good is the hallmark of the twentieth century. This is the enemy you are facing.

I may be overly generous & may be inferring more than Rand was implying, but I interpret her condemnation of "mawkish concern for the feeble", to be a critique of crocodile-teared hypocrisy from people with evil ends who employ poster children merely to distract the public from their duplicity. I imagine Rand was criticizing people like the Taleban who use human shields to prevent NATO attacks on their compounds, or Rep Nancy Pelosi who pretended to care about the fate of the uninsured to ram Obamacare down our throats &, now that she's amassed her power, she throws her purported wards under the bus:

Funny, BEFORE court ruling on Obamacare, Pelosi called uninsured "citizens who needed help" NOW they're "free riders"

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