Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ginger Rogers, tap-dancing Republican

Ginger Rogers, like all awesome people, was a life-long Republican.

I'm not certain if TCM was passive aggressively dissing Ginger Rogers either this year or last by not scheduling any Ginger Rogers' movies for the centenary of her July 16, 1911 birthday, choosing instead, to schedule Roy Rogers' films. If so, the joke was on them, since Roy his wife, Dale, were also conservative Christians and regular guests on TBN. The imdb bio described Ginger as a "radical right-wing Republican", though I've never seen them describe any artist as "radical left wing commies":

She was a radical right-wing Republican, a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a Christian Scientist and a vocal supporter of the Hollywood blacklist.

Actually, I believe that her Mother supported the blacklist and Ginger simply didn't throw her Mother under the bus to further her career. This is in stark contrast to modern celebrities such as Brad Pitt, for instance, from Hollie McKay's July 11, 2012 article: "CELEBRITY NEWS
EXCLUSIVE: Jon Voight defends Brad Pitt’s mom after she gets death threats for penning anti-Obama letter to the editor"

"A rep for Brad Pitt, an avid supporter of President Obama, did not respond for further comment. Jane Pitt declined further comment when we attempted to reach her.
Brad’s brother Doug also defended his mother earlier this week during an appearance on the 'Today Show.'"

Also, in contrast to today's ┼▒ber-partisan, petulant, spiteful celebrities, Rogers would support the efforts of members of the opposition party, for example, helping former President Harry Truman break ground of his Presidential Library:

Lastly, I find it a bit odd that Get TV's birthday greeting bio of Ginger ignores the minor detail that she won an Oscar, but only includes the fact that she's Lucille Ball's cousin:


  1. uhhh, do you mean TMC "turner classic movies" ?

  2. Yes, I meant TMC vs TMZ. Thanks for the catch & I've edited the post.

  3. Obviously, we both meant TCM for turner classic movies & dyslexically transposed the acronym