Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fast and Furious vs DNC Name Calling

In the process of Spring cleaning, I was sifting through cardboard boxes of books, deciding which to keep &; which to donate to the public library fundraising sale when I came across a dilapidated copy of John K. Brilhart's Effective Group Discussion. Whilst skimming the text, I read some salient sections germane to Democrat responses to Rep Issa's investigation into what is variably described as a failed gun sting operation by centrists; an irrational witch hunt by Rep Nancy Pelosi (who, presumably, takes such actions personally); or a Federal frame up job of law abiding US gun dealers in order to undermine the 2nd Amendment, according to the NRA.


A stigma word is one used by the speaker or perceived by the listener to indicate a negative evaluation of the referent. Even though the speaker may not intend to stigmatize [ha!], the important thing to the listener is that he hears a stigmatizing term [...] In the blanks may go any word or phrase used to label something strongly disliked or feared, and for which the reposndent as a highly unpleasant connotation: communism, fascism, federal control, racism [or, more precisely, RACISM!!!], childishness, chauvinism, or other words used in derogation. The speaker has now been identified with something ugly or fearful. He may stop cold [if he's Chief Justice Roberts], deny and argue, or call the speaker some name [...] The goal is forgotten, harmony is lost, feelings are hurt, and members lose face [pretty much the goal of any DNC deny, distract, destroy Alinskyite plan] [...] All of this points to the importance of trying to develop group norms against the use of stigma terms [good luck with that against Nancy "Witch Hunt" Pelosi], and an objective examination of all evidence and points of view [good luck with getting around executive privilege].

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