Thursday, July 19, 2012

"ACA Mandate Wasn't a Progressive Idea"

Libs have tried to employ Jedi mind tricks to convince Conservatives to accept Obamacare/ACA's mandate by citing its purported pedigree from the Heritage foundation:

The mandate is fundamentally a conservative idea – it was originated by The Heritage Foundation, the premier conservative think tank. The reason the Republicans are against it now is not policy, but politics: their need to defeat President Obama.

Tea Partiers don't care if Obamacare originated from people wearing red ties or blue ties; with Rs or Ds or LMNOPs after their names; and don't care what type of mammal they choose as their mascot. We don't want our elected representatives to pass laws to find out what's in them, as per Nancy Pelosi, and don't appreciate having legislation driven down our throats, as per the DNC's labor union comrades:

“Without Nancy Pelosi health care wouldn’t have happened…We stuck together and we got a historic victory and drove it down the Republican’s throat and out their backsides”

Tea Partiers don't appreciate spineless RINOs who go along to get along just to keep their parking spaces and perquisites. Tea Partiers want representatives who believe in the US Constitution and desire to protect  individual liberty and freedom. Finally, Tea Partiers are incensed at elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, who abuse their public office for private gain.

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  1. Yep. Don't care if it is "conservative" or anything else. The question is whether our freedoms and liberties are strengthened or weakened by the policy being debated.