Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Tomorrow, Thursday 21 June 2012, is the kick off date for the US Catholic Bishops' Fortnight for Freedom, a fourteen day event that celebrates the non-establishment clause of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Apropos of this British sounding event, the first day is the feast day, in both the Anglican & Catholic Churches, of the martyred English Lord Chancellor, Saint Thomas Moore, the patron saint of lawyers (for classic film fans, Moore's life was dramatized  in A Man for All Seasons. ) The Catholic TV channel, EWTN, has a established a website that provides a schedule & coverage of all events.

It sounds as if OWS and the Obama admin would like to do to their critics what Henry VIII did to his:

[Thomas Moore's] head, after being parboiled, was exposed on London Bridge for a month when Margaret Roper bribed the man, whose business it was to throw it into the river, to give it to her instead.
Ironically, the DNC seems to be engaged in psychological projection, as illustrated by Howard Dean's latest rant:

“Does everybody remember the Know-Nothing Party? They hated immigrants, they didn’t like Catholics, they didn’t like Jews, they didn’t like anybody,” said Dean

If any modern political party is currently emulating the Know Nothings in their attacks against Catholics, in particular, & Christians, in general, it seems to be Mr. Dean's own Democrat party, as Catholic University of America President John Garvey pointed out in his speech at the Spring USCCB conference.  Garvey reminded listeners that the Obama administration has consistently engaged in regulatory & legislative attacks against freedom of religion, from the EEOC suing Lutherans:

The question in Hosanna-Tabor was whether a minister or teacher can sue a church under discrimination laws–the so-called “ministerial exception” that prevents courts from interfering in churches’ relationships with employees who are responsible for religious activities. 
 to the NLRB trying to unionize Catholic colleges:

 two recent cases in which National Labor Relations Board Regional Directors have held that Manhattan College in New York and St. Xavier University in Chicago are not Catholic institutions when it comes to exemption from the Wagner Act. The Board therefore allowed the adjunct faculty at each school to hold an election about forming a union.
Yes, an institution called St. Xavier University magically is NOT considered a Catholic institution according to the current administration.  Augh.....

So, pray, protest, petition, post etc etc in hopes that the left wing hippies at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  decamp in 4 months (or 6 months, to be persnickety)  & allow the US to return to limited free government.

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