Saturday, May 5, 2012

#Obama = Lucy van Pelt & also, possibly, Satan

I was just rereading The Parables of Peanuts by Robert L. Short. It struck me that Obama is very Lucy van Pelt-like in his über-narcissism:
Charlie Brown: Does it bother you to think that there may be people around who dislike you?

Lucy van Pelt: Dislike ME ? How could anyone possibly dislike ME ? There's nothing to dislike! Jealous maybe . . . Yes I could understand that. . . I can see how someone could be jealous of me . . . but dislike? No, that's just not possible. . .
Admittedly, most politicians are narcissists to some degree. In his case, he seems to have drunk his own Kool-Aid. Obama and his acolytes have a convenient credit/debit system of moral bookkeeping. Everything good in the world is entirely due to Obama's beneficence existence. Everything evil and bad is due to entirely to George W. McBushHaliburtonHitler and his RethugliKKKans. I concur whole heartedly with the good Baron Münchhausen
Clinton: “Suppose the Navy Seals had gone in there, suppose they had been captured or killed. The downside would have been horrible for him”. For him [Obama]? It’s always about him.
and as a caution to squishy, Rockefeller, go-along to get-along, country club Republicans, the Dems are also similar to Lucy in taking away the football a.k.a. promising one thing and doing another e.g.  promising spending cuts if Republicans agree to tax hikes. The over the horizon spending cuts, for some reason, never materialize, but the tax hikes are always immediate, as Regan learned to regret:

As for raising taxes, Reagan acceded to a big tax increase in 1982 only after a historic, much larger cut in 1981. He gave a little back after finding a shift in the political climate on Capitol Hill too difficult to resist. (He later regretted surrendering, since the budget cuts promised in exchange for the tax hike never materialized.)

Additionally, Short suggests that the Peanuts character, Lucy, is possibly the personification of Lucifer, or Lucy-fer. Of course, I'm not suggesting that Obama's the anti-Christ. However, that might explain why he demanded that all of the crosses, and the mere mention of Jesus' name, be covered over when he spoke at Georgetown Catholic College:

"I am Barack Hussein Obama. Thou shalt have no other Obamas before me"
Georgetown, A.O., Anno Obamani, w/ cross covered w/ black triangle

Georgetown, B.O., Before Obama, with cross visible

From ALLAHPUNDIT  APRIL 16, 2009 "Hot Air" article "Christian symbol covered up during Obama’s Georgetown speech" Dreadnought223 comment:

"There can be only one!!!
Barry doesn’t like having competition for the title of Messiah."
Somewhat ott, I found it not ironic that the writers for "Elementary" episode "Dirty Laundry" asserted that Georgetown is the university of choice for Russian spies:

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