Friday, September 2, 2011

#Obama = #Madmen

It seems the frat boys in the Obama camp plagiarized Madmen 's fictional Nixon campaign in their latest campaign speech scheduled SNAFU:

Harry and Pete discuss the Secor Laxative account. Then they discuss college and their frat days; a frat prank gives Pete an idea: Buy up TV air time in undecided states for Secor so that Kennedy is blocked from buying that time.

More specifically, the adman weasel, Campbell, discussed how the nerds in his frat weren't invited to some other frat's party, so Campbell's geek brothers spitefully scheduled a competing event to distract, detract, & disrupt the other frat house. It seems rather sad, yet not surprising, that the Obamaites crib their notes from one of the most anti-social & off-putting fictional characters on television.

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