Monday, August 1, 2011

Why is PBS pro-Fascist, Part II

In the continuing saga of the seeming endless PBS Fascist lovefest, the History Detectives
lauded a WWII anti-US pro-Fascist of Japanese descent:

Tukufu: I explain how we may never know exactly why his grandfather refused to sign a loyalty oath. But it had been an act of conscience that had separated him from his family.

Scott: Makes me feel good. Gives me a lot of pride.

Why would it make a person feel proud that their ancestor supported the then Fascist Japanese government?

I was rhetorically wondering if PBS would be so effusive & ebullient if the WWII anti-US pro-Fascist had been of German descent, but remembered that they had run an episode apologizing for WWI anti-US pro-Kaiser spies of German descent & attacking the US government for countering said German spies & saboteurs:

his great-grandfather’s diary records the activities of a dedicated agent at the moment our intelligence service expanded dramatically – a time when the ideals of freedom often became casualties of our involvement in the First World War.

Gwen: John Brady was clearly a hard working and loyal American. He wanted to protect his country. But this notebook shows how he and many other people were out of their fear becoming convinced of dangers of subversives everywhere.

Admittedly, in the History Detectives defense, they did run a program that pointed out that US government investigations into German espionage & sabotage wasn't total delusional paranoia:

July 30, 1916 when a German spy ring carried out a well-planned set of synchronized explosions on Black Tom Island in New York's harbor, using the United States' own cache of munitions produced to aid Britain and France in World War I.

Two million pounds of exploding ammunition rocked the country as far away as Philadelphia, blew the windows out of nearly every high rise in lower Manhattan, injuring hundreds.

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