Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Liberal apparatchiks

I disagree with psycmeister's characterization of Obama as a self-loathing liberal. He's a self identified party apparatchik who feels entitled to apportion guilt to others, especially people outside his self-identified clique. Or, more succinctly, he's a kulak hating communist. Similarly, I disagree with RSMcCain that liberals are typically hypocrites. They don't harbor any cognitive dissonance if they don't practice what they preach. They feel that they are entitled to preach & it's the proletariat's job to do what they're told for the good of the commune, or be sent to re-education camps.

For full disclosure, I scored 400 Guilt points on the PeoplesCube Progressive Guilt Quiz which means that I'm a Patriarchal Chauvinist War ProfiteerTM. I'm busy sharpening my shovel for my assignment to the gulag.

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