Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rob Simmons = CT's next Senator

Chris Dodd is running behind Rob Simmons in the latest poll for the 2010 Connecticut senate race. Dodd is trailing mainly because voters have noticed that he wants to drink their milkshakes, especially shamrock minty flavored milkshakes.

Specifically, Dodd appeared to have engaged in dubious ethics to secure a cottage mansion in Ireland:

What's wrong with securing a mortgage to buy an overseas mansion, you may ask? Just the minor detail of a huge conflict of interest. From Hemingway sans sarc tags:

I find it awfully reassuring that in the middle of a major economic crisis and the accompanying government bank bailouts, the head of the Senate Banking Committee is indebted to bank lobbies to pay the legal tab for his personal corruption.

Even though NBC might find it perplexing for US banks that have received TARP funds to loan US taxpayer money overseas, I'm quite certain Dodd isn't at all perplexed.

In case you're not a trained economist, the Heritage Foundation has put together a slide show to explain all the nuance and intricacies of TARP:

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