Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democratic non sequitur for the day

From my email:

We gave you the opportunity to respond directly to Rush Limbaugh's desire to see President Obama fail, and you responded overwhelmingly.

The votes are in for the billboard you'd like Rush to see.

The winning slogan, submitted by William C. of Camden, New Jersey, will let Rush -- and the Republicans who've decided to follow his lead -- know that Americans aren't hoping for failure.

They voted for a new direction in November, and they're ready to leave behind the failed partisan attack politics of the past.

Therefore, in order to best illustrate the fact that "they're ready to leave behind the failed partisan attack politics of the past", the DNC chooses to fund a,, partisan attack billboard. That is completely illogical, unless they are saying that McCain's campaign was a "failed partisan attack" & Obama's campaign illustrated a successful partisan attack.


  1. Why does the left insist on giving Rush so much attention? For those who haven't read it yet, here's an excellent article:

  2. Well, it's logical. Rush even admits that his listenership demographics is skewed towards men. If the Dems can clearly establish the algebra equation that Rush=RNC, they hope to drive women out of the RNC & hopefully into the DNC. It's also why they wanted to destroy Palin. They want to have a lock on the women's vote.

  3. Golly, when the Christian Science Monitor thinks that you're lame, & can even come up with a better slogan on the fly, you must really be lame. New Limbaugh billboard slogan announced - creativity was not considered & Michelle's Lamest Billboard Ever