Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elections have consequences

Although some liberals , some GOP , and various sheeple have lately expressed remorse in voting for Obama, feeling hoodwinked into believing that his centrist general election persona was genuine, we are still being told, even by miscellaneous sportsbroadcasters like Billy Packer, that elections have consequences & therefore must stop being Republicans & Democrats & come together to support Obama.

Putting things into perspective, the 1984 electoral college map for Reagan, which clearly illustrates an overwhelming mandate:

and, conversely, the 2008 electoral college map for Obama, which does NOT illustrate any type of mandate:


  1. elections have consequences, I wrote the same thing when I hear Obama planned to sell out eastern europe

  2. However, I don't recall that the MSM endorsed the idea that Reagan had a mandate to radically change US domestic & foreign policy, & he had a larger electoral vitcory than Obama does now. The MSM seems to advocate the viewpoint that Obama won, you lost, now STFU & do what you're told, otherwise, you're a racist.