Monday, February 23, 2009

Why were there so many Nazi apologist films released this year?

Why were there not only Nazi apologist films, but, specifically, SS apologist films released this year (or ever)? Furthermore, why did such films receive awards? I can appreciate the Machiavellian necessity for glissanding over Germany's early 20th C history in light of the fact that Germany is currently a NATO ally to the US. It already seems overly generous to ignore the fact that the Nazis received a quorum of the 1933 German election votes . I don't see who is being served to rationalize the behavior of either the Nazi party, in general, or the SS, in particular. Additionally, I don't see how being dyslexic or illiterate is an excuse for joining the SS. Does the Academy Award jury feel that Kate Winslet's character in The Reader (awarded 4+ Marxes in Debbie Schlussel's review) was confused because of her dyslexia and thought she was joining the SS when she was really joining....the SS?

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