Thursday, February 19, 2009

Left Wing Prof defends Democrats' "Stimulus" Package & advocates lynching CEOs

More Whackiness from the faculty listserve concerning the generational theft act:

Your post, Bill, reminds me of the February 1993 article in the National Review that was entitled "The Failed Clinton Presidency" [Adagio: The alleged NR titled appears to have been inspired from a phrase in a December 1992 Dave Barry article].

The bullet train between Disneyland and Las Vegas is a great metaphorical connection between the world views of Bush/McCain/Boehner "conservatives", and the economic policies of Wall Street Republicans.

You can continue to try to blame this mess on "minorities" getting homes without a down payment ("I had to put 20% down --BooHoo). Well if you had served in the army as I did then you could have gotten a No Down Payment loan as well. Of course, maybe it was those nasty VETERANS that actually caused this crisis.[Adagio: this is the standard trope of equating the the GI Bill and military veterans benefits with unearned welfare about which Ann Coulter complains in her interview with Behar].

Instead of hoping for Obama to fail -- you aren't a dittohead too, are you?-- Make a constructive suggestion. If you want to read the bill it is available on line. It certainly does nothing to overturn "welfare reform" nor NAFTA. Cash payments as "entitlements" are still forbidden. The buy American proviso is advisory and probably against the treaty which is the supreme law of the land according to a series of Supreme Court decision.

The real test will be in two years when a bunch of jerk Republican Senators like Voinovich retire and are replaced with democrats. (Gentleman George couldn't even bear to pair his vote with Sen. Brown so the latter wouldn't have to rush to Washington from his mom's funeral. Nice guy.

My hope is that I live long enough to see socialized medicine and an industrial policy in this country, and to see several Wall Street Masters of the Universe hanging upside down from light standards, right next to the Merrill Lynch bull.

Jim Walker

Some bloggers view the stimulus package as a proverbial example of Liberal Fascism . It certainly appears to be standard crony capitalism, the penultimate stop on the Road to Serfdom.


Despite the cheerleading from the MSM and the threat of lynching from leftwing profs, a distinct quorum at my university is skeptical of the efficacy of the Democrats' generational theft package.

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