Friday, January 16, 2009

When will Hamas stop firing rockets into Israel?

The above question was posed on the listserve by a fellow intrepid elephant. A sampling of answers posted by the donkey lovers:

Whenever one of the following three becomes true:
1) Israel is done with killing the last Palestinian or
2) Hamas get their hands on something better to shoot or
3) Israel gets serious about peace, evicts all the settlers from the
West Bank, returns into the borders of 1967 and lets Palestina [sic]
become a nation that can deal with its radicals.

Ok the last one is naiv [sic] and will never happen. So really you can
pick 1 or 2.

another donkey response:

Or on Jan 21 when we start directing our foreign policy from the White House instead of Tel Aviv. Perhaps we should stop the 2.55 billion dollar per year in aid we give to Israel and see how soon they stop killing Palestinians?

Ironically, the financial support to Israel is a result of Democrat Jimmy Carter's Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt resolving their differences over the Sinai peninsula.

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