Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Protest and vote online

Although it is a foregone conclusion who will be Time's Man of the Year , people can still vote for the rest of the top ten.

Rebuild the Party allows people to vote on what should be the priorities for the new RNC chair, such as implement closed Republican primaries. No surprise, but the Ron Paul people are skewing the voting.

The Dontgo Movement allows people to sign a petition against the UAW bailout.

Part of the proposed auto bailout may:

“According to the president of GM Brazil-Mercosur, Jaime Ardila, the funding will come from the package of financial aid that the manufacturer will receive from the U.S. government and will be used to ‘complete the renovation of the line of products up to 2012.’”

or may not be headed to Brazil:

“We contacted General Motors to check on the story and spokesman Richard James replied, “I don’t know if something got lost in translation but Jaime Ardila, President of GM Brazil did NOT say that funding for GMB projects would come from the US financial aid package. GM Brazil has $1 billion in investments that have already been approved but they will be financed by our Brazilian operations through local sources.”

However, since money is fungible, how would anyone really know?

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  1. The first link to vote for Times Man of the Year was absolutely WRONG! Horrible profanity on that site!