Sunday, November 30, 2008

''An Ocean Apart''

An anti-American BBC production on the UK-US so-called special relationship in the 20th Century. An apologist review from the New York Times:
Nonethless, the series sometimes does show its British origins. The episode tonight, for instance, neglects the role of American soldiers and sailors in World War I; it suggests that all they did was parade. In fact, 130,000 Americans died in battle. ''An Ocean Apart'' is not untruthful about this; it is more that it just doesn't notice.
Hmmm, well a half-truth is a full-blown lie. The figure cited by the NYT is solely for battle deaths. The total casualty figure is over 320,000 . Indeed, if the perennial anti-American Adam Curtis exhbited a modicum of intellectual curiosity, he would discover there is a US WWI military cemetery located in Brookwood on the island on which he resides.

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