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🇦🇲 🇻🇦 Saint Gregory of Narek Feast: 27 February


🇦🇲 🇻🇦 Saint Gregory of Narek
Priest and Doctor (✝️ 1003 Anno Domini A.D.) Feast: 27 February
Saints Who Teach Us to Forgive

Gregory came from an Armenian family steeped in learning & devout faith 👨‍🏫 🙏 At a young age, he entered the monastery at Narek ⛪ where his great-uncle was abbot. Two brothers soon joined them.

Fed in this silent atmosphere of prayer & study, in his twenties Gregory produced his 1st major work ✍️a commentary on the "Song of Songs" commissioned by an Armenian prince 🤴 Gergory's most famous work, the "Book of Lamentations", or simply the "Book of Prayer", was written towards the end of his life. At the time Gregory was ill, perhaps with a terminal illness, & yet he found the strength to produce what he called an "encyclopedia of prayer for all nations."


Each of the 95 prayer-poems is offered by a "humbled contrite heart" ❤️‍🩹 to God. Each begins with the simple words "Speaking with God from the depths of the heart." Like the psalms , Gregory 's prayers span the breadth of human experience. Above all, they call the wounded soul to prayer & contrition before God 🙇‍♂️ :jesus:


Gregory 's prayers encourage the offering of forgiveness of & reconciliation with our fellow human beings 🫂  A staple of the Armenian liturgy, Gregory's prayers have been forming hearts for a millennium 💗 Pope Francis declared him a Doctor of the Church in 2015 A.D. calling his "Book of Prayer" an 'extraordinary interpretation of the human soul."

🙏 Father in heaven, through the intercession of Saint Gregory of Narek , teach me to pray from the depths of my heart 🛐

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