Saturday, May 26, 2018

Lin-Manuel Miranda raps about Big Bird habitat on #SesameStreet

Big Bird: What are you doing here, Mr Flipman?

Miranda: It's Flatman, and I'm here to help you find a new home.  

Bird: I don't need a new home.

Miranda: You did just say you were cold, didn't you?

Bird: Well, yeah, so?

Miranda: Well, maybe it's time for you to migrate

Bird: What's that?

Miranda: You're a bird and you don't know about migration?

Bird: No, I've never heard of it.

Sesame Street Dude: Well, Big Bird, migration is moving from one place to another place because you ran out of food or the weather changed

Miranda: Now a lot of birds do it all the time

Bird: Well, not me! No, no. I like living right 

Miranda: But you might like living in a new habitat even better!

Bird: Habitat? What's that?

Miranda: A habitat's a home where birds can find food, water, and a nice place to sleep.  And I have some great bird habitats that I think you'll love.

Bird: I guess it would be fun to see how other birds live

Miranda: Now you're talking. But what kind of habitat would be perfect for you? Oooh, I got one! Let me show you!

Dude: Ok, I guess we're going to see some pictures of a bird habitat

Miranda: I can do better than pictures!  Let me take you on a virtual tour

Dude: Oooh, virtual tour? 

Miranda: Oh, yeah! Show me the habitat! [claps hands]

Dude: Whoa! 

Bird: Wow!

Dude: How did he do that?

Miranda: Just a little real estate agent magic. [begins singing]


Open up your eyes
Gonna show you where it's at
As we take a look around 
at a new habitat

Don't need a hard sell
Or make a stump speech
Because this place is really awesome
Yes, this habitat's the beach! 

Bird: Are you sure you can live on the beach?

Miranda: Sure, lots of birds do it

Bird: They do?

Miranda: Of course, if you live at the beach you have ocean views, salty sea air and fresh sea food any time you want

Bird: Wow

Miranda: Wow is right [continues singing]


The beach is so exciting 
And it's hardly ever dull
You can live next to a pelican
You can live next to a gull

There's lots of elbow room
For your wings to expand
And room to stick your
Big Bird feet in the sand

Where's it at?
Chorus: The beach! The beach!
It's a habitat
Chorus: The beach! The beach!

Where's it at?
Chorus: The beach! The beach!
That's a habitat
That's a habitat
That's a habitat

[and a gif of Sesame Street dude's silly dancing]

Dude: Wow! He's good!

Miranda: Ready to move to the beach?

Bird: Uh, well, I do like the beach

Miranda: Come one, Big Bird, lets go migrate to your new habitat

Bird: Uh, no! I don't want to move to the beach. I just like to visit the beach.

Miranda: But you're a bird! And you're cold! You should migrate!

Bird: Sorry, I'm not interested.  But thanks any way Mr. Floatman

Miranda: That's Flatman

Bird: Oh, right. Well, bye!

Big Bird: Oh, hi, Gordon!

Gordon: Hey, Big Bird! Hey, I just brought down some extra blankets for you

Bird: Oh, thanks, that'll be great for those cold nights!

Miranda: Your nights don't have to be cold!

Gordon: Who are you?

Bird: That's Mr. Fleakman

Miranda: It's Flatman.  Freddy Flatman Flaccard Real Estate. Here's my card [hands card to Gordon]

Gordon: [Gordon reading card] Birds...have real estate agents?

Miranda: Of course! And I'm here to help Big Bird find a new habitat 

[notice Big Bird has a cardinals pennant on his wall]

Bird: [quietly to Gordon] Uh, that means "home", Gordon.

Gordon: Uh, I know what a habitat is, Big Bird, I', a science teacher.  And Big Bird's habitat is Sesame Street.  He's got everything he needs right here

Miranda: But it's time for Big Bird to move onto to greener habitats

Bird: I do like green

Miranda: Then have I got a habitat for you. Show me the habitat [claps hands] 

Gordon: Whoah! What just happened?

Bird: He's working his [?] real estate magic

Miranda [ singing ] ♫♬๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ♪♩ 

Open up your eyes
Gonna show you where it's at
As we take a look around 
at a new habitat

It's got its own plants and flowers
[all its own flora?]
It's got really big trees
and it's called the rain forest

Bird:  A rain forest? You can live in a rain forest?

Miranda: Absolutely. It's warm, colorful, and it's full of high rises. Check it out! Everybody loves the rain forest! 

Bird: They do? 

Miranda: You bet! [ continues singing ] ♫♬๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ♪♩ 

Animals of very color
Animals of every size
Toucans, macaws, monkeys, frogs
Sloths, butterflies

Lots of animals above
Lots of animals below
Rain forest is a perfect place
For a bird to grow

Where's it at?
Chorus: Rain forest!
That's a habitat
Chorus: Rain forest!

Where's it at?
Chorus: Rain forest!
That's a habitat
That's a habitat
That's a habitat

Miranda: So what do you say, Big Bird?

Bird: I say...

Miranda: I know, I know, you're not interested

Bird: Actually, I want to live there!

Gordon: What?!

Bird: Sure! I want to live in a rain forest! 

Miranda: Yes! Freddy Flatman makes the sale! Boo-yah

Gordon: But Big Bird, you don't really want to live in a rain forest 

Bird: I do! The rain forest is so beautiful and so colorful and so filled with life.  It's the perfect habitat for a bird.  

Gordon: You can't just move!

Bird: Lots of birds migrate. That means, "we move!" I better start packing! 

Gordon: Big Bird's gonna move?

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