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#LawAndOrder Writers Hates #TeaParty

A couple of episodes of "Law and Order" strongly imply, if not explicitly state that Tea Party members, aka people who believe in limited Constitutional government, are domestic terrorists.

From the 2009 "Fed" episode:

 Jerry Gans [ Tea Party member] Trespassing

Lupo : We'll be out of your hair in a minute.  Did you talk to this guy yesterday? 

Gans: No

Bernard: Weird, because he hit the four houses on this side of the street right before yours.

Gans: Get it straight....I don't have to submit to interrogations by Big Brother. 

Lupo: Uhuh. Mr. Gans, this man turned up dead shortly after paying you a visit.  A few minutes, and we'll be out of here.

Gans: You have five seconds to get off my property.

Lupo: That rat poison? 

Gans: Yeah

Lupo: You can kill a lot of people with that. In the hands of an anti government activist, possession of that amount of toxin falls under terrorism laws.

Gans: Who do you think you are?

Bernard: Big Brother. You're under arrest....Your problems with authority goes back aways.  In 1999 [during Democrat Bill Clinton administration ] you assaulted an EPA inspector who was trying to run a ground water test on your property.

Gans: He was trespassing, same as you

Lupo: Just give us an alibi, and you can get back to the fortress of solitude

Gans: I don't answer to a couple of Obamabots

Bernard: Obamabots?

Lupo: Hold on [putting his finger to his forehead] It's a message from the boss.  After we book you for possession of a chemical weapon [the rat poison] we'll get a warrant and go through all your personals.

Gans: I spoke to the guy, OK! I told him voting is an endorsement of the system that violates our freed [this presumably was a psyops campaign by leftist writers to suppress the vote of conservatives and or wishful thinking on their part that the tea party wouldn't show up at the polls].

Bernard: And what did Mr. Landy have to say to that?

Gans: He started arguing with me - usual liberal clap trap.  Then he dropped his bag - his video camera tumbles out - red light was on.

Lupo: He was video taping you?

Gans: So I got my gun - he grabbed his stuff and beat it.

Bernard: And then what did you do?

Gans: I made dinner for my wife. Now can I go?

Lupo: [opens door - put finger to forehead] Uh, no

van Buren: So Landy was making secret videos?

Bernard: Of the wrong people

Bernard: Mr. Gans is a member of Patriot Rangers [ a thinly veiled reference to the Tea Party ] A libertarian group, active in those tea parties last summer.

van Buren: Do we know if Landy actually owned a camera?

Lupo: We found a manual for one at his place, but no camera

Bernard: What do you want us to do with Mr. Gans?

van Buren: Kick him back to Staten Island. Let them hold him for the terrorism charge [ again, terrorism being defined as protesting against a Democrat administration] As for Mr. Landy, see if the Rights Alliance knows that he was moonlighting as Michael Moore.

Bernard: Courtney Owens at the Rights Alliance said she didn't know about Landy's video tape.  But check this out.  Milford, Delaware police faxed over his disorderly conduct arrest report from 2004.

Lupo: This doesn't make any sense

Bernard: Yeah, that's what I thought

van Buren: I want everyone outside. Grab your vests. We got a situation.

Bernard: Lieutenant, we got something on Landy.

van Buren: Later. Come with me.

Tea Party Protesters: Free Jerry!

Bernard: Looks like Jerry's kids brought their pop guns

Lupo: What do you want us to do? Arrest them?

van Buren: This prisoner is being transferred into Staten Island.  Anyone who interferes will be arrested.  Anyone who so much reaches for a weapon, will be a dead man.  Now, for those of you carrying a weapon, you are in violation of administrative code 10-303.  You've got 30 seconds to get them back in their carrying cases and into your vehicles or you will be booked for reckless endangerment.

van Buren : What is that about Mr. Landy? 

Bernard: He was arrested in 2004 for picketing outside a poverty law clinic [probably a fictionalized reference to the Orwellian named SPLC ] in Delaware. 

Bernard: Arresting report says he was co chairman of his campus Bush re election committee [the horror!!! Obviously all GOP must be sent to Gitmo] 

Lupo: From militant conservative to bleeding heart community organizer. Sounds like a stretch.

van Buren: Well, if we can figure out which one he really was, it might tell us who killed him.

In another 2009 episode, "Zebras", a murderous psychotic character chose the Gadsden "Don't Treat on Me" Tea Party flag as his avatar and hung out with 911 Truthers online:

Benson: Now all we got  to do is find him.

Stabler: Patrol said he didn't go home

Tutuola: What about friends and family?

Benson: Oh, those are words this guy doesn't understand.  To Harrison, everyone else is the enemy.  

Stuckey: Except online. We searched his place and found his computer logged onto this website.

Stabler: Persecute the online university that helps you fight back.

Munch: Our guy got out of jail - offed his second victim - went online and bragged to his friends about it: "How I finally stopped NYPD harassment." 

Benson: He tells how he neutralized the operative in Central Park "defeated our NYPD mind control" 

Stabler: And the rest of the wing dings are egging him on.  "hang tough, man" "fight the power"

Benson: But how could Harrison post all of this when he's on the run?

Tutuola: He was on his phone at Coney Island. We thought he was texting.

Stabler: Here's his last message that he posted before he lost you and killed Annie May Lawson. "Keep the faith going off grid"

Stuckey: Yeah, but then he pulled the SIM card from his cell phone so he isn't trackable

Benson: Hold on - unless another board member knows where he is.  Look. Someone named "Gwendolyn of the Shadows" wrote "Good luck, P.H. if you need anything, you know where to contact me."

Munch: So do I.

Benson: You know Gwendolyn? 

Munch: From another site, She has some great pictures of the grassy knoll that I've shared with her.

Gwendolyn, the anarchist character who was simpatico to the tea party character, liked to log onto the internet from "Overthrow Bookstore"

Whose has walls filled with posters of Communist icons and commie flags:

Smearing libertarians as murderous anarchists was toeing the Obama administration's DHS party line, from Nixon, Ron. “Homeland Security Looked Past Antigovernment Movement, Ex-Analyst Says.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 8 Jan. 2016,

"In 2009, the former analyst wrote a report that warned of a growing antigovernment movement and the possible recruitment of returning military veterans that could 'lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone-wolf extremists.'"

Apparently, Democrats only think Americans are patriotic if they protest a GOP POTUS, as per Hillary Clinton's screeching rant:

Conversely, leftists seem to believe that if fellow Americans are uppity enough to protest a Democrat POTUS, they should be considered a terrorist and get railroaded into prison on bogus "terrorism" charges juts for breathing oxygen.

Of course, there was bipartisan reach across the aisle hatred from the proponents of the permanent bureaucratic state against the Tea Party which advocates limiting such power:

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