Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spiders are evil 🕷️🕸️👿

I appreciate the academic exercise that spiders often keep down more harmful pests, but I give into the irrational and emotional conclusion that spiders are just creepy and gross.

I found a giant spider in my apartment which I thought was incredibly evil and gross:

Being that the giant spider was 1. still alive and 2. on the inside of my apartment, I didn't use a dollar bill to scale the size of the evil creature like I did with a cicada who was on the outside of my screen door:

Rather than try to determine its particular species and whether it was  friendly and helpful or not:

I just killed the spider:

So, being that it's universally established that everyone w/whom I communicate hates spiders as much as I do, it's perfectly logical that a film about an evil creepy doll, "The Great Gabbo" would include a scene where people dress up in creepy spider costumes in a weird sing and dance routine:

Clip from "Class Arts Showcase"

"Caught in a Web of Love" (1929) from the film "The Great Gabbo"
Donald Douglas and Betty Compson
Music and lyrics: Lynn Cowan and Paul Titsworth, Donald McNamee, King Zany
Directed by James Cruze
KINO on Video

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