Friday, January 20, 2017

#BillOReilly is allegedly the #PepeLePew of newscasters

Bill O'Reilly's employer Fox News settled a sexual harassment suit filed by Juliet Huddy:

Huddy asserted that O'Reilly invited her to his house and then allegedly tried to man handle her.

It's a good thing for Bill O'Reilly that Juliet Huddy didn't follow Ginger Roger's "I'll Be Seeing You" character's example and throw  her boss out of a 14 story window:

It sounds like Bill O'Reilly, allegedly, acts like the men who were imprisoned with Alexander Hamilton's mother, from Richard Brookhiser's documentary "Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton":

According to Huddy, Bill also allegedly likes to say "nasty men stuff" to women.

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