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#DanaLoesch vs #GrubHub & #StuartSmalley

Dana Loesch in hour 2 on her Friday November 11, 2016 criticized GrubHub CEO  primarily for his poor business management skills and only incidentally for his partisan attacks on Trump and Trump supporters @18:34 minutes


Dana: GrubHub - have you guys ever used this service? Because the cofounder has a message for you if you supported Trump during the election.


But first, Dana launched into Senator Al "where did all these ballot boxes magically come from" Franken.


Senator Al " Stuart Smalley" Franken: This is something that people have a right to be mad about, but the people they should be mad at, really, are Republican office holders who refused to do anything other than vote to repeal the ACA, refused to — made it more difficult for insurance companies to be in the market by — this gets down to the weeds, the risk corridors. They basically did everything to undermine them...     

Dana: [Throughout]: derp derp derp derp derp derp ...

Dana: Oh my gosh! Oh, now, I'm not being rude.  That's how I have to cope with him speaking. That's Al Franken say 'herp, derp! herp, derp derp derp!' Saying [in a goofy voice] 'Republicans didn't do anything' Really? Because Republicans had, I don't know what, like 13 different proposals [amendments] that they put in and tried to get passed

I'm not certain if this is true. A "fact check" from leftwing Media Matters alleges 161 GOP amendments were included in the ACA, from "America's Healthcare" November 10, 2010 blog post "Fact check: How the Health Care Law Was Made"

According to a HELP Committee document about bipartisan aspects of the health reform bill the committee passed July 15, 2009, its final bill included "161 Republican amendments," including "several amendments from Senators [Mike] Enzi [R-WY], [Tom] Coburn [R-OK], [Pat] Roberts [R-KS] and others [that] make certain that nothing in the legislation will allow for rationing of care," and reflected the efforts of "six bipartisan working groups" that "met a combined 72 times" in 2009 as well as "30 bipartisan hearings on health care reform" since 2007, half of which were held in 2009 [HELP Committee document, 7/09]. And according to the Senate Finance Committee's September 22, 2009, documentdetailing the amendments to the Chairman's Mark considered, at least 13 amendments sponsored by one or more Republican senators were included in the bill.

I haven't gotten around to thoroughly fact checking the supposed fact checkers. Going to H.R.3590 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act link for the 111th Congress (2009-2010) shows that there were 506 Amendments submitted 

but most of the amendments actually included into the passed law were from Democrats. I don't know if the poor man's media matters website's claim that 161 of the included amendments were supposedly "Republican" because this database doesn't appear to be searchable according to party and I didn't feel like manually searching through each page:

And this ignores the weirdness that Senators are submitting amendments to a House bill because Democrats went through some bizarre budget reconciliation process to bypass normal order of business after Senator Brown was elected specifically to stop this mishigosh. There were three Republican co-sponsors

2/3 RINOs who cosponsored HR3590 subsequently lost their seats:

but Rep Walter Jones still serves NC3

Dana: Ways to try and make healthcare better. And when Nancy Pelosi [Democrat Speaker of the House] ran the White House [sic] and this is why, by the way, this is why you all lost the House.  This is why you all, this is why Democrats lost the House is because they refused, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did everything they could to kill all of the alternative proposals.  Any suggestion, to make it easier. Any suggestion to make it easier.  Ugh! They just didn't want to have anything to do with it. And so, that's where we are.

Dana: No, the fact is somebody had this hateful comment on Facebook. They were saying [in goofy voice] "Dana, it's all the Republicans' fault! Obamacare, it's all your fault because they voted for it, it's their fault!Their fault"  Actually, they didn't.  It was a party line vote. There wasn't a single [darn] Republican that voted for Obamacare. Not one.


Another fact check. It IS true that obamacare was passed on a party line vote. However, a single Republican in the House, Joseph Cao,  and zero in the Senate, voted for the ACA. So, basically, the Democrats did break the US healthcare system, so now they own it.

From Affordable Healthcare California website

Nov. 7, 2009: The House approves its version of health care reform in a 220-215 vote. One Republican [ Joseph Cao] votes for the bill. Passage was far from certain — a last-minute compromise limiting federal funding for abortion services cleared the way.
Dec. 24, 2009: The Senate approves its version of the health care overhaul in a 60-39 party-line vote. Democrats have to break a GOP filibuster. The bill’s passage confirms majority agreement in both chambers of Congress.

So after falling for the leftist bait and switch ploy wrt public abortion funding RINO Cao ended up being a one term representative:

Dana:  So, it's kind of their fault. That's why they lost. They still don't understand.  They still do not understand.

Whiplash transition into snark attack into GrubHub

Dana: Kane, have you ever used GrubHub?

Kane: Actually, I have used Grubhub in the past.  A couple times.

Dana: If you want your food to not arrive. Or, maybe, if you want it to arrive maybe two hours late.

Kane: It did take a long time.

Dana: And be really cold. And then you want to pay out the wazoo for it. Go ahead and use Grubhub. [Fake ad voice] "Grubhub, for when you don't want your cold food delivered." [laughs]

"Grubhub, for when you could've driven there and back, three times, and gotten it, yourself, in the time it takes to deliver"

"Grubhub, for when it's been four hours, and you don't know where your order is, and you call and they say 'You ordered?'" [laughs]

"Grubhub, for when your food arrives three hours late and smells like someone smoked cigarettes all over it."

"Grubhub, for when - is that a bite out of my taco?" [laughs]

See, you didn't have a great experience with Grubhub? You didn't, Kane?

Kane: No, my food eventually got there. But, you're right, it's cold. And then what do you say? It's like you're a third party who went to the place I didn't want to go and also didn't deliver. But you guys ... it was not great.

Dana: "Grubhub, for when cold airport food seems like gourmet" [laughs]

Dana: So, any way, I had a point. I tried Grubhub one time and then it was two hours later and we were "Where's our food?" and their like "I don't know" And then, finally, it was like "Hey [ding dong] it's Grubhub" Two and a half hours later. "Here's your food that's all cold." And then, it's not even right. We didn't even check the order. We were missing a whole entree.  And you're like "Wow! I paid for this?" And then when we like "Can we get a refund, at least on the entree we didn't get?" "Oh no, sorry, we're Grubhub. We're completely incapable of doing that! We only bring you cold food, slowly.  We don't do refunds"  So then, we were stupid and said "Let's do it again!  Maybe it's different"  No, that time, the food never arrived. And we had to call Grubhub and we're like "Hey! It's been four hours" And they were like "You ordered?!"  So we never tried Grubhub again.  So there have been a lot of calls about boycotting Grubhub.

Dana: Number one, I don't boycott because I'm allergic to any hive mind action.  If everybody else is doing it, I almost kind of not want to out of spite.  If everybody else is doing it, I really don't want to do it.  I'm immediately allergic to it.  And so, Grubhub, the guy who runs Grubhub. Yeah, not using a bad company isn't boycotting and deleting an app off of your phone isn't boycotting, either.  ["The Simpsons" Ralph Wiggums voice] "I'm going to boycott!" That dude from "The Simpsons" - "I'm helping!"

Kane [in Ralph voice] "It's boycotting and I  helped!"

Dana: So the guy who does, the CEO of Grubhub. Oh man, let's see how long it takes me to not make fun of him.  Because they're actually, they could get completely sued to death, in fact.  They could get sued, so hard.  What they did. So they decided to do something that was super possibly illegal.  They sent out this company wide email.  And it's by Matt Maloney, the Grubhub CEO. They sent this email out.

Dana: And this is what they said. I mean, it's insane.  [ sighs] And he's been facing backlash, here. The subject.


[in "Of Mice and Men" Lennie Small voice]

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