Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#TryToRemember Limbaugh spoof of #ForgetfulHillary

Rush replayed a Golden Oldie spoof song he made mocking Hillary from the 90s on his September 09, 2016 show "Louie Gohmert's in Hot Water -- and Blames Us!"

GOHMERT:  We need to be praying for Hillary Clinton.  There's special needs there.  There's mental impairment, and, I mean, seriously, she can't remember -- and I made the mistake, I got that stupid song in my head that Rush Limbaugh used to play, and it was to the tune Try to Remember and it's Hillary Clinton saying, "I don't remember, my brain's in a blender."
And so, anyway, earlier this week when I was on Fox & Friends, that stupid line came back, and so it ends up being a headline, you know, that I said Hillary's brain is in a blender. But that was not a proper thing to say, because, again, I'm making fun of the mentally impaired, and that's not right.
RUSH:  So Louie's apologizing and blaming it on us.  He's apologizing for insulting a mentally impaired woman and now blaming it on me for this song. 

Here's youtube video of spoof:

In case the above link breaks, here's a kludgy recording:

Fake Senator: Welcome to the Grand Jury, Mrs. Clinton. How are you?

Fake Hillary: I'm sorry, I don't recall. 

Fake Senator: How's the book tour?

Fake Hillary: Uh, I'm sorry, I don't recall.

Fake Senator: Well, let's get started.  Try to remember when you were a member of Rose Law Firm and worked White Water. 

Fake Hillary: I don't remember that big money lender. I was um baking cookies  for my daughter. 

Fake Senator: Well, Mrs. Clinton, don't you remember that illegal tender and your shady friend that McDougal fellow?

Fake Hillary: I'm sorry, I can't remember - my brain's in a blender   - it's Jello! Could we get on with this please? I have to get back to my book tour. 

Fake Senator: OK, Mrs. Clinton. Try to remember - and don't blame your gender -for missing all this high corruption. 

Fake Hillary: Well, excuse me - I don't remember, and don't blame my gender. I'm not just some bimbo eruption.

Fake Senator: Uh, no, I didn't mean to imply that but come next November when Bill, the Big Spender, could come to his end for his peccadilloes. 

Fake Hillary: Well I don't think so because I can't remember - my brain's in a blender   - it's Jello!

Fake Senator: Are you getting tired? Would you like a recess?

Fake Hillary: I'm sorry, I don't recall.

Fake Senator: Who is president of the United States?

Fake Hillary: I'm not sure I can remember that.

Fake Senator: This is very troubling

Fake Hillary: Well, pardon me!

Fake Senator: Only your husband can do that.

Here's the original song, "Try to Remember" from "The Fantasticks", on which the above spoof is based, sung by Jerry Orbach:

And in a random act of journalism, Katie Couric points out that Democrats coined the phrase "bimbo eruption" from October 04, 2016 Limbaugh show "Who Bullies Women, Mrs. Clinton? Let's Ask Katie Couric and Maureen Dowd"

Katie Couric: How involved was Hillary Clinton in the systematic destruction of the women who made allegations against Bill Clinton?

DOWD: She was involved in things like giving assent to the private investigator who, as Betsey Wright put it, "put down bimbo eruptions." So that, you know, the private investigator would go and interview all of Gennifer Flowers' ex-boyfriends and friends and it was a very threatening kind of atmosphere. Remember James Carville said if you pulled a dollar bill through a trailer park, they were kind of demonized on class, and then years later Bill Clinton would admit that it was true. There's a very fixed pattern of Bill Clinton saying he didn't do it, you know, Hillary and other people kind of trying to trash the women who said it and then years later Bill Clinton having to admit he did have the affairs.

COURIC: I've always wondered why during these periods of so-called bimbo eruptions, Betsy Wright coined that term, and the take-down of these women, sort of the systematic dismantling of their reputations, why didn't feminists balk more?

DOWD: Feminism sort of died in that period because the feminists had to come along on Bill Clinton's retrogressive behavior with women in order to protect the progressive policies for women that Bill Clinton had as president. I know Hillary's campaign says that it's old, we shouldn't be paying any attention, but I do think that feminism died a little bit when the feminists had to help Bill Clinton when Monica was actually telling the truth, as Gennifer Flowers had been.

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