Monday, August 8, 2016

Ad Summum Bonum

After my Heisenberg Uncertainty avatar and before my Mr. Bun Bun avatar, I briefly used a cropped image from my alma mater's, Trinity High School, logo:

From the  wikipedia article discussing the meaning of the motto "summum bonum":

"Summum bonum is a Latin expression meaning "the highest good", which was introduced by Cicero, to correspond to the Idea of the Good in ancient Greek philosophy. The summum bonum is generally thought of as being an end in itself, and at the same time containing all other goods. The term was used in medieval philosophy and in Kantianism, to describe the ultimate importance, the singular and overriding end which human beings ought to pursue. In the Thomist synthesis of Aristotelianism and Christianity, the highest good is usually defined as the life of the righteous and/or the life led in communion with God and according to God's precepts."

What looks like a smiley face emoticon and English Cross of Saint George appear in logo because Trinity is in the Harriburg Diocese of Pennsylvania:

This 2016 election cycle has been aggravating for me, and it was somewhat comforting to recall the words from my old high school song:

Hail Trinity, oh Trinity
We pledge our loyalty forever
"ad summum bonum"
Always to guide us
Teach us to grow in
truth and dignity
In days of challenge
give us strength
to stalwart stand for right
Your green white banners
Proudly wave
in praise of thee
Oh, Trinity
However, even though I explained the etymology of my old T-Hi avatar, I still received a number of neo Nazi followers, so I changed my avatar yet again to a seemingly non controversial stuffed bunny rabbit photo.

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