Friday, September 11, 2015

WTC in old films

It's nice to know that I'm not alone in still being infuriated watching 9/11/01 attack footage:

"It still makes my blood boil to see footage of that stuff."
and that others still find it jarring to see the WTC in old films

Case in point from Classic Arts Showcase clips from Joshua Bell playing "Maria" from "West Side Story"

Less than a month after 911, Joshua Bell reprised his performance in Central Park for PBS Great Performances Joshua Bell: West Side Story Suite from Central Park (10 Oct. 2001)

The WTC appears frequently in the background of the 1991 film "The Bone Collector", a title which also evokes the excruciating recovery process for victims' remains.

Whether shot during day or night, WTC still induces painful nostalgia:

Even reruns from "Welcome Back Kotter" sitcom  become discomforting with just a brief reference in their title montage

I suppose I feel the same sentiment of loss and regret  expressed by the characters in the WWII film "The Were Expendable" over the sinking of the USS Arizona:

"This really is the most human of all the late-era WWII films, minus much of the blatantly propagandistic speeches that mar so many movies from that era. Rather, the dialogue is beautifully understated. Robert Montgomery's 'looking for the Arizona too' comment to Wayne sums up the feelings of its time much more than a five minute speech on how important it is to win the war could ever do."
I don't share imdb hipster poster's waha99 snarky attitude about "propagandistic" patriotic speeches, or Glenn Beck's call for humility:

and certainly don't agree with imdb's schmoes characterization of MacArthur expression of fortitude as "crazy":

Sometimes clarity and resolve are important.

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