Friday, September 4, 2015

#ClassicArtsShowcase Dvorak Copland Smorgasburg

A clip from The Joy of Music in which Diane Bish gives a brief bio of Czech composer, Antonín Leopold Dvořák. Bish points out Dvorak's Dad was a butcher and a professional zither player vs just an amateur farm league zither player:

"His father was a butcher, innkeeper, and a professional player of the zither. Dvorak studied music in Prague's only organ school."
Question: Do cities typically have more than one organ school?

Bish continues:

"Throughout his life, Dvorak was taken with Czech's folk music and many of his compositions were built on these beautiful themes."

Another composer who also enjoyed building his compositions on traditional folk music themes, Aaron Copland, had his music for the ballet "Rodeo" included in the Classic Arts Showcase rotation:

A link to the American Ballet Theatre 1973 "Rodeo" performance sans "Hoedown" uploaded by David Coll:

put Dvorak  family butcher history + Copeland dancing cowboys = beef what's for dinner old TV ad:

And, in case you wondered what a zither sounded like and were in the mood for some surf and turf, Traditional Chinese Music: "Fisherman's Song at Dusk," uploaded by NTDonMusic

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