Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Van Cliburn Competitor Perfectly Embodies #RussianHumor

Russian competitor in documentary about the Van Cliburn piano competition, "Virtuosity", perfectly and consistently embodies the spirit of the twitter hashtag #RussianHumor

Russian pianio dude looks like long lost twin from  Paul McCrane nerdy guy, Montgomery, on "Fame" (1980 film)

Russian piano dude dubiously doesn't admit to ever experiencing stage fright:

Interviewer: Do you ever get nervous?
Russian piano dude: No, not before going on stage, no. Why would I?
Interviewer: Not even a pulse? Not even ....
Russian dude: I just concentrate

Poor Russian piano player probably thought evil Amerikanski interviewer was trying to psych him out, probably after taking method acting courses from Bullwinkle's Boris Badenov in theoretical and applied mumbling

Uptight Russian piano guy, no surprise, also doesn't like hip hop music:

Interviewer: Do you like hip hop?
Russian dude: [chuckling] No, I don't think there is any other music than classical

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