Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#PeoplesCube Comrade Lysenko Denounces Comrade Limbaugh as Enemy of the People #StopRush

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Comrade Limbaugh engaged in an evil thought crime by questioning the validity of state sanctioned settled science on  his May 13, 2015 show "Liberals Rediscover an Old Communist Theory on Poverty and DNA" and should be denounced as an Enemy of the People EOTPTM

For his thoughtcrimes, Limbaugh is now an unperson and should be eliminated from all official state sanctioned daguerreotypes:

New, improved doubleplusgood image from Ministry of Truth:

First, Comrade Limbaugh questions the beneficence of Dear Leader Uncle Joe Stalin:

"Lysenkoism, by the way, if you look it up... Let me spell it for you 'cause I know a number of you want to research these things on your own.  L-Y-S-E-N-K-O. Lysenko. Lysenkoism is also synonymous with scientific fraud?  How could it not be?  It traces back to communism.  It traces back to a mass murderer, Josef Stalin.  So if you want to look it up on your own, you will see that. " 
Good leftists will point out the worst thing Hitler did was stab Uncle Joe in the back:

and the worst thing Uncle Joe ever did was give Communism a bad name

And all left thinking comrades realize that BushMcHitlerHaliburton is worse than either Stalin or Hitler:

And the US Constitution is still worst of all since it was not drafted by properly educated Bolsheviks:

Then Comrade Limbaugh blasphemes Comrade Gore 's Settled Science of Global Warming:

"RUSH:  It turns out that Lysenkoism is also defined as 'the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.' Like global warming.  Lysenkoism is 'the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process,' which is exactly what the libs are doing claiming that poverty is converted to your DNA and it becomes part of your genome. (laughing) It's absurd."
All properly educated comrades from the Nomenklatura of NOAA realize that just as uppity kulaks must be sent to reeducation camps if they do not toe the party line, data failing to validate the state approved settled science computer models must also be manipulated to fall in line within state approved margins of error.

All comrades who question the results and methodology of state approved science commissars are EOTPTM . All properly educated comrades know that a prime characteristic of all scientific inquiry is not to inquire into the results of your state approved settled science.

 EOTPTM John Hayward in his Jun 2015 "Breitbart" article "Making the Planet Warmer by Fiddling with Spreadsheets" and EOTPTM Richard Rahn  in his 02 Apr 2013 Newsmax article "Despite Data, Global Warming Backers Won't Admit They're Wrong" both prove they should also be sent to the same gulag as EOTPTM Limbaugh for daring to question self appointed Soviet Gaea intelligentsia

Who are you going to believe, my fellow comrades, Kommissar of Carbon Credit Kleptocracy Al Gore, or your lying eyes?

Bourgeois French EOTPTM Jean François Revel in his safe space-violating hate speech of a book "How Democracies Perish" p. 112 blasphemes not only Lysenkoism in science but Ghersimovism in art:

As illustrated on the Thursday, June 21, 2012 post on "Soviet Art" Comrade Alexander Gherasimov was ahead of his time. He could foresee that evil American Capitalist Global Warming would force well endowed Soviet maidens take off all their clothes in the spirit of true Soviet communism showing solidarity with random Western leftists protesting evil American imperialism or something from Pat Dollard's May 22, 2015 post "THE HORROR, THE HORROR: Leftist Hags Go Topless For Black Women/Trans Lives Matter Protest":

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