Friday, April 17, 2015

Why did Cate Blanchett put a bucket on her head to play Shakespeare?

Cate Blanchett @2:05 in Jimmy Kimmel interview:

"I played Miranda in "The Tempest", and I had to put my head into this rusty bucket, night after night."

A photo of Blanchett as Miranda, sans bucket, from Shakespeare Forever tumbler page:

I was unaware of the purportedly famous bucket head scene in "The Tempest", as compared to the balcony scene in "Romeo and Juliet":

the dagger scene in "MacBeth":

 and the fencing scene in "Hamlet":

I first thought this sounded like producers of Blanchett's production of "The Tempest" plagiarized Mystery Science Theater 3000 MST3K goof on "Hamlet" where the cast storyboarded a bucket head version of "Hamlet" @36:45:

"a bucket head 'Hamlet'. The buckets, of course, symbolizing modern man's faceless conformity."

However, doing the math, Blanchett said her production of "The Tempest" was 19 years ago and 2015-19=1996. The MST3K "Hamlet" goof, on the other hand, was produced in 1999:

So, as unlikely as it seems, somebody on MST3K staff, maybe one of the mild mannered robots:

probably Crow from "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"

scouted out obscure Shakespearean productions from around the world to help lend authenticity to their script. Bet Marvin Gaye family lawyers are already on the case:

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