Friday, February 13, 2015

Obama vs #BandOfBrothers Dick Winters leadership styles

Obama still advocates leading from behind:

Conversely, the PBS documentary about Bronze Star winning "Band of Brothers" protagonist Richard Winters "Hang Tough" points out Winters advocated leading from the front :

Narrator (Damian Lewis): Dick Winters lead his soldiers in some of the fiercest battles of World War II. He didn't lead them from the back; he led from the front. His concern lay not only in the mission, but also the well being of his men.

Hence, Dick Winters leadership style and methods diametrically opposed to the feckless current Commander in Chief who cavalierly allows US combat deaths to skyrocket on his watch, as Doug Book pointed out in his October 18, 2012  "Western Journalism" article "Rules of Engagement getting Our soldiers killed at alarming rate"

"Introduced  into the Afghan theater of operations by General David Petraeus in July of 2010, COIN includes 24 'points' to US commanders in the field, all based on the belief that 'alienating Afghan civilians sows the seeds of our defeat.' In short, the intent of COIN is to 'win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.'

But the winning of those hearts and minds has come at a steep price. During the first 9 years of the war in Afghanistan, 1000 American soldiers were killed. In the 27 months since the adoption of COIN, another 1000 American soldiers have been killed. As a function of time, that’s more than a 400% increase in the number of American casualties."
and reinforced in Allen West's February 13, 2014 post "US military deaths in Afghanistan skyrocket under Obama"

"In the first seven-plus years of war in Afghanistan (October 2001 – December 2008) we lost 630 U.S. soldiers. In early 2009, the Obama administration authorized the implementation of the COIN (Counter-Insurgent) strategy, more focused on 'winning hearts and minds' than winning a war, and over the next five years, the U.S. death toll nearly tripled."

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