Saturday, July 5, 2014

Charlie Rose interviewed Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Mexico

On Charlie Rose 6/29/2014 show, the president of Mexico bragged about how wealthy his country is and how NAFTA helped US companies export factories and jobs South of the border:

Indeed, contradicting the condescending stereotype many from the US harbor about our neighbor to the South, that everyone from Mexico lives in a hut with a goat, Carlos Slim Helu is the second wealthiest man in the world, as documented by Forbes with a net worth of $74.1 Billion. Indeed, when I googled for "Mexican millionaire Slim" I was snarkily corrected with "Mexican BILLIONAIRE Slim":

I don't believe it's purely a coincidence there's been a growing chasm between rich and poor with US middle class taking it on the chin since Clinton and NAFTA

However, Nieto didn't explain that if children of Conquistadors are rolling in dough, why they can't take care of their own poor people vs fobbing them off on the USA:

Not unexpectedly, the unofficial organ of Communist propaganda, The Nation, seems to think that Mexico, even though they are getting American jobs and forcing us to pay their poor people, somehow is getting the short end of the stick, from John M. Ackerman May 22, 2014 article : "How Mexico’s New President Is Turning His Country Into a Servile US Client" Fisking his stupid article:

"President Barack Obama has not only failed to achieve comprehensive immigration reform [ aka amnesty and open border] , but he has also actively participated in the dismantling of development and democracy in Mexico, thehomeland for two-thirds of US Latinos [ if USA does NOT represent the homeland of US Latinos, why don't they return to their supposed homeland? -- see tweet below or Sharla's Labyrinth's more pointed blog post Obama’s policy toward Mexico builds on the long tradition of US support for neoliberal authoritarian regimes in Latin America. Just as Washington actively encouraged military coups in South America during the 1970s and armed the dictators of Central America during the 1980s [ vs dictators that Communist USSR armed and funded]  , today it props up Mexico’s corrupt political class as it slowly tears the country apart [ actually narco terrorists are tearing Mexico apart as per usual]"


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