Monday, June 23, 2014

Purry Mason on #svengoolie

MeTV svengoolie aired "The Shadow of the Cat". The plot, from imdb:
"The plot focuses on the common Gothic horror theme of a family and an inheritance. The family here is the Venable family, and the story starts properly when a rich old woman is murdered by her relatives because they're after her inheritance. The only witness to the crime was the lady's pet cat, and while normally anyone committing murder in this way would get away with it scot-free, this particular cat takes exception to the murder of its owner and sets about exacting its own revenge."

 which sounds like a typical Perry Mason episode, which explains svengoolie's "Purry Mason" spoof:

I thought Purry Mason looked like a road kill version of Mr. Roger's Henrietta Pussy Cat:

Conversely, other people thought Purry Mason looked like Bill from "Bloom County" cartoon:

or, wacka, wacka, something the cat dragged in!:

"Jury Foreman: 'We find the defendant innocent. We also find that Purry Mason looks like something the cat dragged in!' "

Finally, Purry Mason also bears a striking resemblance to the non house trained missing "cat":

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