Sunday, June 29, 2014

#GlobalWarming in perspective on #Jeopardy

Jeopardy points out @0:27 earth in  Pleistocene Epoch  had 30% glacier coverage vs only 11% now:

However, they don't point out that w/ 30% coverage, all of Alex Trebek's beloved Canada would be under ice Admittedly as a red blooded American, I don't care if those Tory collaborators had to permanently live in igloos and subsist on whale blubber.

Also, the US would be invaded by giant Woolly Mammoths which presumably would be converted into Fred Flintstone burgers forthwith.

Conversely, Jeopardy counters that Alaska glaciers grew in the 14th C Little Ice Age:

"The shorelines were completely covered by ice just 200 years ago; today's glaciers in Glacier Bay are remnants of the "LIA", or Little this, which started in the early 14th century."

Ergo, therefore, unless one wants to relive either the Pleistocene Epoch or have another Little Ice Age, glaciers are probably going to melt because to keep pristine glaciers, one must live in a cold climate.

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