Monday, May 12, 2014

National Park Services Robert Vogel = unrepetent #jerk & #schmuck

Vogel = superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks who shutdown war memorials and harassed vets during the 2013 government shutdown. He appeared in this ad promoting himself during the 2014 Cherry Blossom Parade and looks and sounds like the kind of jerk face weasel I imagined him being:

Judging from his resume, Vogel is a draft dodging scum bag who spent his career in NPS and never served in the military:

"Vogel began his 30-year career with the NPS as a seasonal park interpreter"

Vogel is an unrepentant jerk with complete unmitigated gall. He plans on shutting down open air public memorials in the future unless his mafia Democrat party extorts more money from tax payers, from January 31, 2014 "Government Executive" article "Park Service: No Plans to Change Shutdown Protocol":

LIE>>>  "Vogel cited exceptions to honor free speech for protesters near closed sites and for aging veterans who traveled to visit, for example, the outdoor World War II Memorial. But there is no movement within his agency to rethink its approach during shutdowns, he said. 
Vogel did NOT allow vets to see their memorial. He wasted money putting up signs and barricades to prevent them from going to DC parks. The only reason vets got to see their memorial is because they told Vogel to take a flying leap and ignored his stupid petty directives.

Back to the article were jerk face Vogel demands more money for his bumptious bullying:
Like all the witnesses -- D.C. Democratic Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, former Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., and D.C. City Administrator Allen Lew -- Vogel suggested the solution is to avoid future shutdowns and give the District more budgetary autonomy."

Vogel's NPS targeted their attempted harassment solely on US military vets and left the sacred cows of the left alone from 11 March 2014 Breitbart article  "Emails Reveal Obama Admin Shut Down WW II Memorial Knowing Vets Were Coming"

"Obama told the American people that it was necessary to shut down the Mall and blamed Republicans for creating the hardships. However, the emails reveal that the Department of the Interior and National Park Service did not have to shut down the monuments but did so to make a point.

On September 30, Tom Buttry, a legislative correspondent in Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) office, stated that it would actually be easier and less costly to keep the mall open than to shut it down"

Military vets and their supporters ignored Vogel's stupid fascist barricades and went to see the memorials their blood and treasure paid for, from

TRUTH>>> "But the group, led by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight, wasn't about to be stopped by a few signs and barriers."

The jerk-faced liberal weasels in NPS allowed friggin illegal aliens to host a friggin amnesty friggin rally on the Mall, from October 8, 2013 "USA Today" article "Immigration Rally Allowed on Mall Despite Shutdown":

"It's bad enough watching these marches when we watch illegal aliens breaking our laws. Now they're being given free range on these public parks while we've seen the greatest generation military vets being turned away from their sacred memorials," said Bob Dane, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group that opposes proposals in Congress to legalize the nation's undocumented immigrants. "It's offensive and it shows where their loyalties lie."

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