Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hagel ignores #minordetail sequestration = Obama 's idea

Democrat meme tries to blame Veterans Administration scandal on GOP budget:

Ignoring minor detail budget restraints were from sequester and bipartisan budget agreements:

Hagel the RINO DoD Secretary:

slagged off the sequester on Charlies Rose 5/23/2014, ignoring fact that the sequester was Obama's idea:

 implying, instead, that it was a GOP idea:

Conversely, I think the most "mindless action" I've seen are voters electing this RINO to Congress.

Additionally, Hagel carries on the Obama tradition of fighting straw men:

Hagel says it's false to compare current US troop levels to WWII levels b/c we have technological force multipliers, ignoring the other minor detail that our enemies have also invested in technological force multipliers:

Presumably, Hagel got his advice from Motley Fool 1/25/2014 article "Should the U.S. Army Lay Off 100,000 Soldiers?", written by Rich Smith, who never served in the US military and spent his career as an international lawyer in Russia:

"only about 16% of soldiers in the military actually "fight" our wars. The rest of the 1.4 million servicemen and -women serve primarily in supporting roles -- transporting supplies, maintaining vehicles, evaluating intelligence"

Good luck fighting wars w/o logistics and/or intel. Smith goes on to say that all our wars will be fought by robots. Idiot.

It's basic arithmetic. If the US and its opponents have technological parity, but our opponents have numerical superiority, then our opponents win. Communist Chinese were able to overrun US positions in Korean War thru shear numbers vs technological superiority.


I love the Chinese condescension in this clip that the US fought w/Chinese vs Japan during WWII. China was the France of Asia who surrendered quickly and collaborated complicitly with the fascists during the war but engage in revisionist history afterwards to pretend they won on their own. What is still perplexing to me, is why China didn't bother to fight the Japanese during WWII when Japan actually occupied China. However, a few years later, China motivates itself to fight vs US in Korea w/only their imagined threat that US MIGHT invade China.

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