Saturday, April 12, 2014

New York Times crossword clue "Suffix w/ social"

I was stoked that I finished The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle "At Times" from Sun 4/6/14 that appeared in the local free hippy dippy newspaper 4/8-14/14 Dayton City Paper:

Another blogger, Man vs. Puzzle, presumably who belongs to the evil greedy 1% and actually pays for a subscription to the New York Times, posted the solution to the 4/6/14 puzzle.
About the only clue that stood out to me is 31 Across "Suffix with social" whose answer is "ism". This reminded me of the Glenn Beck Show somewhat mean spirited shtick, similar to Jay Walking, called "More-On Trivia", where Beck et al (10 Across) make fun of poor folk taught in US govt schools:
and a video w/a different contestant w/a slightly different answer @2:51

FYI, for people who didn't have siblings who grew up in the 1970s, the Beckians were quoting song lyrics from Paul Revere and the Raiders, "Indian Reservation," in the above clip.


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