Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln@Gettysburg and Venezuela Protesters

On his Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 radio show, Glenn Beck goofed on the crazy anti-bullying advice from Zeman Elementary School of the Lincoln, Nebraska Public School District:

"The rules include gems like 'refuse to get mad' and 'do not verbally defend yourself'"

ABC's Apr 17, 2014  story "Ill-Advised School Flier Counsels Kids Not to Rat Out Bullies"  includes image of the  überQuaker pamphlet:

The pacifists who put together this anti-bullying pamphlet must be related to novelist Jeff Shaara, who, in the documentary "Lincoln@Gettysburg"  blamed abolitionist Lincoln, not slavery promoter, Jefferson Davis, for the deaths at Gettysburg Battlefield:

Jeff Shaara sounds like he penned Lincoln Public Schools' Rule #5 "Do Not Attack: We attack our enemies not our friends. If I attack you back, I am treating you like an enemy, so the bully will in return, treat you like an enemy. It takes two people to fight, so it's the person who retaliates or responds, who actually starts the fight." Somehow, according to Lincoln Public Schools, Bullies are allowed to get a free first shot and receive exoneration for treating people like enemies. Similarly, Shaara in true Blame America First, CSA apologist mode, blames Lincoln for starting US Civil War, ignoring the fact that Jeff Davis fired the first shot at Fort Sumter.

Blaming Lincoln for the carnage of the US Civil War is in keeping with standard pro-Democrat anti-Republican revisionist history, as espoused by a snarky tweeter:

in response to Kevin Spacey expressing solidarity with with anti-Communist protesters in Venezuela:

So, snarky anti-Americans like tweeter Mike Lerner, Jeff Shaara, and the Lincoln Public School District might disagree with what I suspect Leopoldo López assumed to be a purely rhetorical point in his Wednesday March 26, 2014 "New York Times" article "Venezuela's Opposition, Behind Bars":

But we will not stay silent. Some believe that speaking out only antagonizes the ruling party — inviting Mr. Maduro to move more quickly to strip away rights — and provides a convenient distraction from the economic and social ruin that is taking place. In my view, this path is akin to a victim of abuse remaining silent for fear of inviting more punishment.

From a Feb 22, 2014  NBC Chicago story: "Chicago Protesters Speak Out Against Government Violence in Venezuela"

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