Saturday, March 29, 2014

#LiberalMath Past & Present

I found old clippings of The Perry County Democrat (which itself seems to have been a victim of Liberal Math since it ceased publication in 1945) from the turn of the last century in a used book I purchased. Data combined from two articles perfectly illustrate Liberal Math in action:

Article one enumerated an outflow of -$30:

The operetta ["The Feast of the Little Lanterns"] given by Mrs. D.B. Alter, assisted by Mrs. Ramsay, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. J.T. Alter was a decided success....more than thirty dollars was spent by by the management and the members of the cast to make it a success.

Article two enumerated an inflow of +$14.13:

"The Feast of the Little Lanterns," the Chinese operetta given by the music pupils, produces the very liberal collection of $14.13

Keen observers of elementary mathematics will notice that Democrats define a project as a "decided success" if they spend more than twice their income <<plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose>>.

Fast forward a 100 years, and the only thing that's changed is the order of magnitude, just add some zeros to the end of the figures when discussing US National debt.

When talking about obamacare, if the numbers don't add up, like having Sect Sebelius state that admin needs 7M enrollees by March 2014 for the program to remain solvent:

just have your spokesperson grow a beard, enter the witness protection program, spout a bunch of random numbers, and hope the audience gets lost in your word salad:

Things must be bad when even the usually docile parrot people in the state controlled media of CNN call shenanigans on your facts and figures:

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