Saturday, October 27, 2012

@NBCNews = Saul Alinsky acolytes

Just as Saul Alinsky dedicated his magnum opus, Rules for Radicals, to satan, so did turn of the last century prog lib, William Seabrook, dedicate his book, Adventures in Arabia:

Seabrook pointed out that the peacock, NBC's corporate logo, just coincidentally happens to be a symbol for satan:

They referred to Shaitan [satan] as Melek Taos [Angel Peacock] and worshipped him in the form of a brass bird.
The Yezidee Shaitan worshippers were located near, ironically or not, near Saddam Hussein's old stomping grounds of Irak [Iraq]. This imagery was included in what is now considered a politically incorrect film, Adventure in Iraq:

absurd depiction of Iraqis in Adventure in Iraq as devil worshipers, who worshiped the snake and the peacock.

Hence, although politically incorrect, describing some Iraqi tribesmen as satan-worshippers is not absurd, but completely accurate.  However, Western libs don't like having their imaginary stereotypes confused with easily verifiable facts.

He had visited the sacred stronghold of the Yezides, in the mountains North of Baghdad, on the Kurdish border, near Mosul--of a strange temple, built on rock terraces hewn from the cliffs of the mountainside, which he had not been permitted to enter, but which was supposed to contain the great brazen image of a peacock and to lead into subterranean caverns where bloody rites were still preformed in worship of the Devil--how he had seen one of their fabulous Seven Towers, or "Power Houses"--a high white cone-shaped structure with bright rays flashing...Stretching across Asia, from Northern Manchuria, through Thibet, west through Persia, and ending in the Kurdistan, was a chain of seven towers, on isolated mountain-tops; and in each of these towers sat continually a priest of Satan, who by "broadcasting" occult vibrations controlled the destinies of the world for evil.
The author, Seabrook, dismissed his Arab tour guide's description as "nonsense". However, just because Arab people's descriptions of reality don't comport with ours, doesn't make it intellectually honest to dismiss them out of hand as Seabrook did a century ago, or as TCM did last year, or as the Lame Stream Media does today, as denounced by Lara Logan:

“The 9/11 attacks were a shock, but they should not have come as a surprise,” the commission wrote. “Islamist extremists had given plenty of warning that they meant to kill Americans indiscriminately and in large numbers.”

The Iraqi devil worshipper film, as well as others, were denounced by TCM Race and Hollywood: Arab images on film:

Drawing on popular Western images of the East, it presented Arliss' character, the Raja of Rukh, as a scheming, inscrutable villain who plans to sacrifice three Western plane crash survivors in retaliation should the British execute his three murderous half brothers.

It's not as if Western perception of Arab ethnocentric and Islamic supremacist violence is based on such objective facts that Arabs decapitated the Jewish American journalist, Daniel Pearl

Islamic supremacists gang raped female Western journalist, Lara Logan

Islamic supremacists shoot girls in the head who wish to go to school

Islamic supremacists ethnic cleanse Coptic Christians in Egypt

Islamic supremacists throw acid on girls who don't wish to accept arranged marriages

Seabrook was rather phlegmatic about Arabs massacring Jewish civilians, just like typical liberal terrorist apologists do today. Somehow, Arab ethnocentric and Islamic supremacist violence is purely the collective figments of imagination of Westerners and the Arab perpetrators of violence, in their convenient moral bookkeeping, portray themselves as the victims of random acts of Western journalism.

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