Saturday, October 6, 2012

@AnnDRomney 's real Welsh coal mining ancestors trump @JoeBiden 's fake family

Slate's David Greenberg  wrote during the last presidential election: Why Biden's plagiarism shouldn't be forgotten. Greenberg reminded everyone that Biden quixotically not only stole some British guy's words, but stole his entire bio, as well:

Biden lifted Kinnock's precise turns of phrase and his sequences of ideas—a degree of plagiarism that would qualify any student for failure, if not expulsion from school. But the even greater sin was to borrow biographical facts from Kinnock that, although true about Kinnock, didn't apply to Biden. Unlike Kinnock, Biden wasn't the first person in his family history to attend college, as he asserted; nor were his ancestors coal miners, as he claimed when he used Kinnock's words.


Conversely,  Ann Romney has real, verified, authentic genuine coal mining ancestors:
Mrs Romney's grandfather, David Davies, was a coal miner who worked down the Coegnant Colliery close to his home in the village of Nantyffyllon, near Maesteg [Wales].
Ann mentions her genealogy @8:20

Unfortunately, a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. There's still some public confusion about whether Biden knowingly lies, plagiarizes, is a neurotic (building proverbial castles in the sky), or a psychotic (lives in said castles).  On the 4 Oct 2012 "World Over" episode, host, Raymond Arroyo, repeated Biden's fake genealogy @19:48 eliciting the evil eye and correction from guest, Newt Gingrich:

Regardless of Biden real or imagined ancestors, current coal miners are fed up with Obama's "crucify them" EPA's war on America's fossil fuels:

Coal miners upset with the Obama administration’s policies on energy protested Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rally here.

More than 100 coal miners and tea party activists stood on a hill overlooking Biden’s speech holding signs like "Biden said 'no more coal in America'" and “Stop the war on coal, fire Obama.”

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